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Need help with your business financing?

It seems that in today’s business world there are thousands of ways to be tricked and pushed into putting your money where it doesn’t belong. In my recent Forbes article 3 Lesser-Known Strategies to Secure Business Financing, I discuss different ways to ensure the quality of your money and hard work. The first tip is simple, Figure Out Creative Loan Structures for Friends, Family and Business Partners. No investor likes sweating bullets to get paid in a world where VCs, angel investors and private equity firms are steadily increasing their standards as they are pummeled with potential deals. This sort of creativity isn’t only good business sense — it will become necessary.

The next tip is  to Use Term Insurance to Secure a Small Business Loan. If a small business owner goes to a bank seeking a loan, the bank often won’t issue a loan without a life insurance policy. And finally Understand That Entrepreneurship Is a Full-Time Job. Accepting the idea that the job never ends will be the best thing you’ve ever done for yourself. So many business leaders never took the next step in their career because they became to excited the minute their product/service took launch. The truth is, work never ends for entrepreneurs. Whatever business your in, if you are in charge there is no way out of hard work.

If you think this is interesting, please take a look at the full article on Forbes website:


Connect With Your Client

In a world where people make connections off of emotion, it is important to grasp the concept of personal branding. The reality is that clients rarely make a personal connection with a brand — they usually make that connection with a person. Understanding how to use this to your advantage will help make a difference in the way potential clients view your business.

Understand WHY: Proving expertise in your field demonstrates the flexibility you have while promoting your business. If you have a group of employees that can each find a niche of their own it will help you reach a larger variety of potential clients. For instance, a financial firm should have investment advisors focused in different categories, such as investment planning for university professors, athletes, or real estate investors. Your team will be speaking a common language with clients.

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The Power of LinkedIn

Most people view LinkedIn as just another account they need to remember a password for. The truth is, if done the right way, LinkedIn can be a powerful tool to propel your business into the next level. What is that next level? Whatever you want it to be! Imagine you are an accounting firm looking for new clients, you are also looking to expand your business globally. All you really need to do to get the ball rolling is establish an excellent online presence using LinkedIn, and brand your company in a way that promotes professionalism and authenticity.

Let’s flip the scenario. Imagine you are looking for an accounting firm to help handle your business, but you are busy and don’t have a lot of time to do research. Wouldn’t it be simple enough to log into LinkedIn and search for firms that could offer assistance?

When creating the account it is extremely important you understand what your potential clients are looking for and how you can portray this through your account. Understanding how to apply strategy and research to your profile will make all the difference in your ultimate success rate.

Overall, LinkedIn is a powerful outlet to expand, promote, hire, connect, and succeed in a fast paced business world. While social media is adapting and certainly becoming one of the strongest social tools known to man, it is strongly encouraged for businesses to learn how to adapt and survive using this tool.

For more information and help with using social media use the link below to read an article all about the business pros and cons of different social media outlets.

As CEO, Are You Putting Your Best Face Forward?

In todays society it is important to understand one of the most important ways a company/organization is viewed by the public eye. People are not only looking at the importance and significance of your company and the work that you are doing, but also the way the CEO is presented. Now that you know this, how does your CEO stand in the public eye and how can they promote themselves in a way that attracts more business and demands loyalty. In the following article featured in Forbes Magazine I list the 4 most practical ways to boost your company’s CEO brand and define your company through powerful leadership.


I saw another post today touting the great culture of a company and showcasing the office space. That’s great, but a cool office does not make a culture alone. A culture is a set of values and norms that define the behavior of an organization. Sure. perks and cool chairs can be an extension of that, but you have to start with what you believe.

Who said Pinterest can’t be used for business?

When you think of Social media sites that most businesses use to send out their message and promote themselves you always see the same platforms.





But what about sites that are overlooked and not used as much as Twitter? In my experience sites like Pinterest, Tumblr, StumbleUpon, Digg, and many others have been extremely helpful with boosting my image and gaining a better knowledge of others. When you log into Pinterest you aren’t just welcomed by a number of colorful quotes with a celebrity’s face attached in the back, you are actually experiencing the culture and true identity of that business (or CEO). I have always found it important to utilize every outlet possible when it comes to putting my message out for the world to see, and that is why I love sites such as Pinterest and Tumblr. It helps break free from the status quo of business and social media, and allows me to boldly post in a way that represents myself and my company.

Here is my Pinterest account!

Ascendant Group CEO, Raoul Davis Shares How to Create a CEO Brand Strategy

This article, featured in YFS Magazine, stresses the importance of a strong CEO presence for a good public image. I outline the 4 ways you can kick-start your CEO Branding Strategy.

1.) Define and live your mission.

2.) Reach your target audience.

3.) Maintain a positive presence.

4.) Share your vision and your victories!

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Without culture by design you get culture by default

Here’s a Q/A I participated in highlighting my thoughts and experience with culture in an office setting. This is a great read (short and simple) if you are currently having issues with the culture or demeanor of your office. This Q/A really goes into detail about how I feel when I am both hiring and looking to make changes in the office.

Dr. Mike Fenster

Dr. Mike is a physician who has combined his medical expertise with his culinary talents to promote healthy food that tastes great! His book “Eating Well, Living Better: The Grassroots Gourmet Guide to Good Health and Great Food”, can best be described as a culinary survival manual. Dr. Mike’s vision of healthy food seeks to counter the inflammatory effects of the modern Western diet. I advise everyone to try a few of his recipes from the link posted below! Once you’ve fallen in love with what you have created be sure to visit his website for more recipes and updates on Dr. Mike as he continues to promote healthy dietary choices.

As CEO, Are You Putting Your Best Face Forward?

Your product or service isn’t the only thing you need to be promoting. As a CEO, one of the most powerful exposure and revenue-building tools your company has is, in fact, you

Consider these survey results compiled by Burson-Marsteller, one of the world’s largest PR firms. that illustrate the importance of a CEO’s reputation to the success of the company. The results indicated that, based on a CEO’s reputation:

  • 95% of those surveyed decided whether or not to invest in a company
  • 93% would recommend a company as a good alliance or merger partner
  • 88% recommend the company as a good place to work

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